Using MetaboAnalyst

The web interfaces of MetaboAnalyst are designed to be self-explanatory. Most steps are documented on the top of the corresponding pages. In cases of limited space, mouse-over balloon helps are available. The following tutorials are meant to complement the aforementioned information by providing step-by-step instructions for several of the most common tasks.

Please note, due to the rapid evolution and frequent updates of MetaboAnalyst, many screenshot illustrations are outdated. Therefore, we ask that users do not take those steps verbatim. Instead, users should focus on the the analysis concepts and the workflow for metabolomics data analysis using this tool.

Version Title Note Time Stamp
Version 6.0 Overview of MetaboAnalyst 6.0 Overview of MetaboAnalyst 6.0 to show key features 2024-03-10
LC-MS Spectra Processing A tutorial to guide raw spectra processing (LC-MS1 + MS2) 2024-03-10
Peak Annotation of MS2 spectra A tutorial to show how to perform MS2 spectra searching 2024-03-10
Dose Response Analysis Instructions to demo how to perform dose-response analysis 2024-03-10
Causal Analysis A tutorial to introduce causal analysis 2024-03-10
Functional Analysis A tutorial to showcase functional analysis with MS1 and MS2 results 2024-03-10
Version 5.0 Overview of MetaboAnalyst 5.0 A brief introduction of history, design concepts and key features 2022-07-12
Raw MS spectral Processing A detailed tutorial for raw spectral analysis 2022-07-12
Functional Analysis A detailed tutorial to guide functional analysis on MS peaks 2022-07-12
Meta Functional Analysis A detailed tutorial to guide meta-analysis on MS peaks 2022-07-12
Joint Pathway Analysis A brief tutorial to introduce joint pathway analysis 2022-07-12
Enrichment Analysis A detailed tutorial to do enrichment analysis 2022-07-12
Network Exploration A tutorial to guide network analysis 2022-07-12
Statistical Analysis[metadata] A tutorial for statistical analysis with metadata 2022-07-12
Video Demo Series A video demo tutorial series 2022-07-12
Version 4.0 Current Protocols In Bioinformatics (v2019) A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial (128 pages & 137 figures) 2019-09-20
Overview of new features in version 4 A detailed screenshot overview of the three new modules introduced 2018-02-14
Biomarker Meta-Analysis Tutorial -- 2018-02-14
MS Peaks to Pathways Tutorial -- 2018-02-14
Network Explorer Tutorial I Step-by-step tutorial to perform knowledge-driven network analysis 2018-02-14
Network Explorer Tutorial II Step-by-step tutorial to perform data-driven network analysis 2020-11-19
Version 3.0 Current Protocols In Bioinformatics (v2016) A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial (91 pages & 88 figures) 2016-09-07
Raw Spectra Processing using R and XCMS Step-by-step tutorial to processing LC-MS spectra for MetaboAnalyst 2014
Version 2.0 Current Protocols In Bioinformatics (v2011) A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial (48 pages & 51 figures) 2011
Metabolomics data analysis IV Presentation on Metabolomics Conference 2012 2012
Nature Protocols on MetaboAnalyst Detailed explanations of major functions of MetaboAnalyst 2011
Metabolomics data analysis III Presentation on Metabolomics Conference 2011 2011
Version 1.0 Metabolomics data analysis II Presentation on Metabolomics Conference 2010 2010
Metabolomics data analysis I Presentation on Metabolomics Conference 2009 2009
Identification of significant features -- 2009
Two-group classification -- 2009
MS spectra processing and annotation -- 2009
Paired (two time-points) analysis -- 2009
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