Please read the instructions:

  • Have you read the FAQs, Data Format and Tutorials?
    These resources provides detailed explanations for common questions received from users. Please first go through these resources as listed on the left bar.
  • Have you tried our example data to see if the issue still exists?
    Most of the time, the issue is related to improper data format. Although we try to give informative error messages during data uploading, there are always exceptions. Here are three tips:
    1. Open your file in a text editor (not a spreadsheet program) to see the details - are these values comma separated (.csv) or tab separated (.txt)?
    2. You may need to search "How to save my file as a .csv format" to get more detailed instructions;
    3. We offered a wide variety of example datasets, please choose the one that matches your data type to see if the issue still appears. Download and open the data in a text editor for details.
  • Did you provide enough details so that the issue can be reproduced?
    Remote troubleshooting requires more information in order to figure out the exact cause of the issue. Please
    1. Indicate which example data you used, or provide a copy of your data
    2. Document all steps leading to the issue. Sometimes screenshots may be necessary
  • Support for local installation
    The installation of MetaboAnalyst on Mac or Linux server is very straightforward following our instructions. However, we do not provide support for Window's server installation. In such a scenario, we recommend you install a Linux Virtual Machine (VM) on your windows OS and give the VM at least 4G RAM, then you can install MetaboAnalyst on the VM.
  • Support for new features
    Bugs are usually dealt with immediately (or within 48 hours) once we have received and validated the bug report. New features will be evaluated based on the overall feedback from other users. Top ranked features will be added as minor release (3-month or 6-month period) depending on the available resources.
If you still need help, please send your email together with the required information (data + steps + parameters) to: zhiqiang.pang [at] or jasmine.chong [at] or jeff.xia [at] Make sure your question is specific to MetaboAnalyst. Asking for statistical consultations or very general questions (i.e. how to analyze your data) will be ignored, due to limited time availablity.

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