Upload your data in a tab-delimited text file (.txt) format. The table must contain three columns with specific names - m.z, p.value, and t.score. Note, you can use fold change values instead of t.scores. A small example data is shown below:

m.z	p.value t.score	
304.2979	1.0153771115e-10	14.7179316191
177.1024	1.61647122234e-10	14.2666000207
345.0277	1.71651483296e-10	-14.2091952724
491.0325	1.83359804763e-10	-14.1463478332
258.0048	2.16851438688e-10	-13.987636322
483.1205	2.21510885538e-10	-13.9676335843
694.9937	2.81091747637e-10	-13.7451720928
270.9767	3.26786548614e-10	13.6060704804

Please select or specify the mass accuracy in ppm closest to your instrument.

An example peak list data obtained from untargeted metabolomics of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells (moDC) under stimulation by a strain of yellow fever virus (YF17D, vaccine strain) collected using Orbitrap LC-MS (positive mode, human samples, p.value cutoff: 0.0001).
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