Upload a list of human genes or KEGG orthologs, (optional) with a list of metabolites to explore their relationships. You can alsotry our example data.
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ID TypeData DescriptionInstrumentation
Metabolites - genes
Organism: Human
ID Type: KEGG Compound ID and Official Gene Symbols
Data from an integrative analysis of the transcriptome and metabolome to identify (metabolites/genes) biomarkers of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) in 16 individuals (see Murakami et al). Transcriptomics: Agilent Microarrray;
Metabolomics: CE-TOFMS
Metabolites - KOs
Organism: Human
ID Type: HMDB ID and KEGG Orthology ID
A subset of data from a metagenome-wide association study coupled with serum metabolomics profiling of 200 lean and obese young Chinese individuals. (see Liu et al). Metagenomics: Illumina NGS platform;
Metabolomics: HPLC- MS
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