COVID-19 Metabolomics Datasets

A collection of our manually curated published metabolomics datasets. We appreciate the authors of these studies for sharing their datasets. You can download a data of interest to perform exploratory analysis in MetaboAnalyst. But, it is highly recommended to intuitively explore the data from our dedicated "COVID-19 Metabolomics Explorer" Module by click the Start Exploring button from previous page.

IDPublicationSample SizeCountryPlatformDownload
1The serum metabolome of COVID-19 patients is distinctive and predictiveCOVID (60); non-COVID (30); Healthy (57)ChinaGC-MSCompound Table
2Multi-Omics Resolves a Sharp Disease-State Shift between Mild and Moderate COVID-19COVID (254); Healthy (133)USALC-MSCompound Table
3Large-Scale Multi-omic Analysis of COVID-19 SeverityCOVID (115; non-COVID (29)USAGC-MSCompound List
4Covid-19 Automated Diagnosis and Risk Assessment through Metabolomics and Machine LearningCOVID (550); non-COVID (105); Healthy (429)BrazilDI-MSCompound/Mass Table
5The trans-omics landscape of COVID-19COVID (161)ChinaLC-MSCompound/Mass Table
6Integrative Modeling of Quantitative Plasma Lipoprotein, Metabolic, and Amino Acid Data Reveals a Multiorgan Pathological Signature of SARS-CoV-2 InfectionCOVID (24); Healthy (25)AustraliaNMRCompound List
7Biological and Clinical Factors Contributing to the Metabolic Heterogeneity of Hospitalized Patients with and without COVID-19COVID (543); non-COVID (288)USALC-MSCompound Table
8Longitudinal metabolomics of human plasma reveals prognostic markers of COVID-19 disease severityCOVID (625); non-COVID (75)USALC-MSCompound/Mass Table
9The COVIDome Explorer researcher portalCOVID (71); non-COVID (31)USALC-MSCompound/Mass Table
10Metabolomic/lipidomic profiling of COVID-19 and individual response to tocilizumabCOVID (38); non-COVID (30)AustraliaNMRCompound List
11Large-Scale Plasma Analysis Revealed New Mechanisms and Molecules Associated with the Host Response to SARS-CoV-2COVID (102); non-COVID (28); Healthy (27)ItalyGC-MSCompound Table
12The specific metabolome profiling of patients infected by SARS-COV-2 supports the key role of tryptophan-nicotinamide pathway and cytosine metabolismCOVID (55); non-COVID (45)FranceLC-MSCompound Table
13Blood molecular markers associated with COVID-19 immunopathology and multi-organ damageCOVID (46); Healthy (12)ChinaNMRCompound List
14Metabolomic analyses of COVID-19 patients unravel stage-dependent and prognostic biomarkersCOVID (72); non-COVID (27)FranceLC-MSCompound/Mass Table
15Multi-platform omics analysis reveals molecular signature for COVID-19 pathogenesis, prognosis and drug target discoveryCOVID (20); non-COVID (10)ChinaLC-MSCompound List
16Metabolomics analysis reveals a modified amino acid metabolism that correlates with altered oxygen homeostasis in COVID-19 patientsCOVID (65); non-COVID (27)MexicoGC-MSCompound List
17Integrated cytokine and metabolite analysis reveals immunometabolic reprogramming in COVID-19 patients with therapeutic implicationsCOVID (95); non-COVID (20); Healthy (17)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
18Understanding the pathophysiological changes via untargeted metabolomics in COVID-19 patientsCOVID (5); Healthy (5)TurkeyLC-MSCompound/Mass Table
19Untargeted metabolomics of COVID-19 patient serum reveals potential prognostic markers of both severity and outcomeCOVID (238)UKLC-MSCompound Table
20Kynurenine and Hemoglobin as Sex-Specific Variables in COVID-19 Patients: A Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms ApproachCOVID (122); non-COVID (39)MexicoLC-MSCompound Table
21Amino Acid Metabolism is Significantly Altered at the Time of Admission in Hospital for Severe COVID-19 Patients: Findings from Longitudinal Targeted Metabolomics AnalysisCOVID (33); non-COVID (39); Recovered (33)LatviaLC-MSCompound Table
22Distinct Metabolic Profile Associated with a Fatal Outcome in COVID-19 Patients during the Early Epidemic in ItalyCOVID (75)ItalyLC-MSCompound Table
23Understanding protection from SARS-CoV-2 using metabolomicsCOVID (21); non-COVID (24)ItalyGC-MSCompound Table
24Plasma Metabolomic Profiling of Patients Recovered From Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) With Pulmonary Sequelae 3 Months After DischargeCOVID (103); Healthy (27)ChinaLC-MSCompound List
25Metabolomic analyses reveals new stage-specific features of the COVID-19COVID (30); Healthy (13); Recovered (13)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
26Cholinergic and lipid mediators crosstalk in Covid-19 and the impact of glucocorticoid therapyCOVID (60); Healthy (20)BrazilLC-MSCompound/Mass Table
27Metabolic and Lipidomic Markers Differentiate COVID-19 From Non-Hospitalized and Other Intensive Care PatientsCOVID (12); Healthy (58)GermanNMRCompound List
28The Serum Metabolome of Moderate and Severe COVID-19 Patients Reflects Possible Liver Alterations Involving Carbon and Nitrogen MetabolismCOVID (52); non-COVID (9)ItalyLC-MSCompound Table
29Elevation of Serum Cytokine Profiles and Liver Metabolomic Normalization in Early Convalescence of COVID-19 PatientsCOVID (113); Healthy (10)ChinaLC-MSCompound List
30Metabolic perturbation associated with COVID-19 disease severity and SARS-CoV-2 replicationCOVID (41); non-COVID (21)SwedenLC-MSCompound List
31SARS-CoV-2 Infection Dysregulates the Metabolomic and Lipidomic Profiles of SerumCOVID (261); non-COVID (280)SpainNMRCompound Table
32Circulating acetylated polyamines correlate with Covid-19 severity in cancer patientsCOVID (85); non-COVID (126)FranceLC-MSCompound Table
33Metabolic and immune markers for precise monitoring of COVID-19 severity and treatmentCOVID (77); non-COVID (5); Healthy (6); Recovered (32)USANMRCompound Table
34Plasma Markers of Disrupted Gut Permeability in Severe COVID-19 PatientsCOVID (60); non-COVID (20)USALC-MSCompound/Mass Table
35COVID-19 convalescent plasma composition and immunological effects in severe patientsCOVID (8); Healthy (16); Recovered (16)ColumbiaLC-MSCompound/Mass Table
36SARS-CoV2 Infection Alters Tryptophan Catabolism and Phospholipid MetabolismCOVID (6); Recovered (6)USALC-MSCompound List
37Dysregulation of lipid metabolism and pathological inflammation in patients with COVID-19COVID (53)ItalyLC-MSCompound Table
38Metabolic snapshot of plasma samples reveals new pathways implicated in SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesisCOVID (27); non-COVID (36)SpainLC-MSCompound Table
39Metabolomics reveals sex-specific metabolic shifts and predicts the duration from positive to negative in non-severe COVID-19 patients during recovery processCOVID (40); Recovered (40)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
40Uneven metabolic and lipidomic profiles in recovered COVID-19 patients as investigated by plasma NMR metabolomicsCOVID (69); non-COVID (71)SpainNMRCompound Table
41Redefining COVID-19 Severity and Prognosis: The Role of Clinical and ImmunobiotypesCOVID (121)MexicoGC-MSCompound/Mass List
42Alterations in the human oral and gut microbiomes and lipidomics in COVID-19COVID (73); non-COVID (30); Recovered (22)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
43Multi-omic profiling of plasma reveals molecular alterations in children with COVID-19COVID (18); Healthy (12)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
44Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 RNA virus shedding and lymphopenia are hallmarks of COVID-19 in cancer patients with poor prognosisCOVID (27); Healthy (8)FranceGC-MSCompound Table
45Plasma Metabolomic Profiles in Recovered COVID-19 Patients without Previous Underlying Diseases 3 Months After DischargeCOVID (96); Healthy (39)ChinaLC-MSCompound List
46Integrative Metabolomic and Proteomic Signatures Define Clinical Outcomes in Severe COVID-19COVID (330); non-COVID (97)USALC-MSCompound List
47COVID-19 infection alters kynurenine and fatty acid metabolism, correlating with IL-6 levels and renal statusCOVID (33); Healthy (16)USALC-MSCompound/Mass Table
48Kynurenic acid may underlie sex-specific immune responses to COVID-19COVID (39); Healthy (20)USALC-MSCompound/Mass Table
49Reference data based insights expand understanding of human metabolomesCOVID (33); Healthy (13)BrazilLC-MSCompound/Mass Table
50Omics-Driven Systems Interrogation of Metabolic Dysregulation in COVID-19 PathogenesisCOVID (50); Healthy (26)ChinaLC-MSCompound/Mass Table
51Proteomic and Metabolomic Characterization of COVID-19 Patient SeraCOVID (46); non-COVID (25); Healthy (25)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
52Plasma metabolomic and lipidomic alterations associated with COVID-19COVID (86); Healthy (10)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
53Replication of SARS-CoV-2 in adipose tissue determines organ and systemic lipid metabolism in hamsters and humansCOVID (38); Healthy (8)GermanLC-MSCompound Table
54COVID-19-specific metabolic imprint yields insights into multiorgan system perturbationsCOVID (27); Healthy (17)SwedenLC-MSCompound Table
55Machine learning identified distinct serum lipidomic signatures in hospitalized COVID-19-positive and COVID-19-negative patientsCOVID (124); non-COVID (45); Healthy (50)SpainLC-MSCompound List
56Serum Levels of Proinflammatory Lipid Mediators and Specialized Proresolving Molecules Are Increased in Patients With Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 and Correlate With Markers of the Adaptive Immune ResponseCOVID (50); Healthy (94)UKLC-MSCompound List
57Profiling metabolites and lipoproteins in COMETA, an Italian cohort of COVID-19 patientsCOVID (275); Recovered (93)ItalyNMRCompound Table
58Proteomic and metabolomic profiling of urine uncovers immune responses in patients with COVID-19COVID (36); non-COVID (15); Healthy (24)ChinaLC-MSCompound Table
59Metabolome and exposome profiling of the biospecimens from COVID-19 patients in IndiaCOVID (225); non-COVID (93)IndiaLC-MSCompound Table
60Disturbed lipid and amino acid metabolisms in COVID-19 patientsCOVID (20); non-COVID (37)GermanMixCompound Table
61Fetuin-A, inter-α-trypsin inhibitor, glutamic acid and ChoE (18:0) are key biomarkers in a panel distinguishing mild from critical coronavirus disease 2019 outcomesCOVID (273)SpainGC-MSCompound List
62Metabolomics study of COVID-19 patients in four different clinical stagesCOVID (132); non-COVID (28); Recovered (27)SpainLC-MSCompound Table
63Antiviral metabolite 3′-deoxy-3′,4′-didehydro-cytidine is detectable in serum and identifies acute viral infections including COVID-19COVID (112); non-COVID (200); Healthy (13)UKLC-MSCompound Table
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