Meta Data Sets

Use the panel below to upload and prepare each individual data. Click the individual cells to activate each process. Click Add New to add a new data set. The maximum total number of samples allowed is 1000. When all data sets have been processed, Click Proceed to proceed. Click the Try Examples button if you want to use example datasets to explore the functions available.
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Adjust study batch effect
Example Datasets
DatasetsData TypeDescriptionPhenotype
Untargeted metabolomics data (GC-TOF-MS). Four test datasets were created from a subset of data from a study investigating biomarkers of adenocarcinoma in blood (For more details: Fiehn et al.) Groups: Adenocarcinoma and Control
Sanity Check
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Graphics Center
GroupSet ColorSet Shape*
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  • This setting only affects those graphics with group-specific color scheme
  • The shape option currently only affects scores plots in PCA and PLS-DA.
  • Use shape code 0 will set it to default shapes.

*Shape Code:

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