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Direct Installation*

Please note, some basic computer skills are required. If you have difficulties to follow these steps, please find a bioinformatician or IT supporting staff in your department for help.

System Requirements:

  1. OS: Mac OS X, Linux (i.e. Redhat Fedora, Ubuntu)
  2. Memory: >= 4G
  3. Java: 1.7
  4. R: (version >3.4) with the following packages installed:
    "Rserve"*, "ellipse", "scatterplot3d", "pls", "caret", "lattice", "Cairo", "randomForest", "e1071","gplots", "som", "xtable", "RColorBrewer", "xcms","impute", "pcaMethods","siggenes", "globaltest", "GlobalAncova", "Rgraphviz","KEGGgraph", "preprocessCore", "genefilter", "pheatmap", "igraph", "RJSONIO", "SSPA", "caTools", "ROCR", "pROC", "sva"

    * For R 3.5.0 and above, install Rserve from RForge (to get around the "long vectors not supported" issue with CRAN version):
    > install.packages('Rserve',,"",type="source")

    • XCMS requires netcdf library to be installed on the system;
    • RGraphviz requires imagemagick and graphviz library to be installed on the system;
  5. Application Server: Glassfish v4+ or Payara v4+.

Local Installation:

  1. Download the MetaboAnalyst Web Application Resource (.war) file
  2. Start Rserve from a terminal > R CMD Rserve
    Note: the permission of the web deployment folder must be set properly to give Rserver to Read/Write. It is best to leave the Rserve terminal open. Many R related messages (i.e. progress, exceptions or errors) will be displayed there.
  3. Start the Glassfish/Payara application server.
  4. Deploy the war file via the GUI admin console.
  5. Access your local copy of MetaboAnalyst at: http://localhost:8080/MetaboAnalyst/

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